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Hire – Lifting & Porta Power

Ram Pumps – Air or Electric


We have a range of pumps and can assist with your choice.


Please consider the following:


  • Type of tooling to be powered by the pump
  • Speed of hydraulic flow required
  • Fluid capacity – Reservoir capacity
  • Pump Motor Power Source – hand, air driven, electric, gasoline or battery.
  • Remote Switching
  • Valves and valve control
  • Gauges
  • Carry case or Roll cage
  • Oil cooling kit
  • Couplers and fittings
  • Operator Competency and Training Requirements
  • Location – electric pumps are not EX rated so only air driven pumps can be used where hydrocarbons may be present.


Contact us With your specific requirements and if we don’t have what you need on our shelf and we will source it for you.


Our Range of Hydraulic Pumps, Air and Electric available for Hire:



We can provide a range of Cylinder (RAM) options


Please consider the following:


·         Cylinder Tonnage – always select a cylinder of at least 20% more than you require

·         The push or pull stroke length

·         Does the cylinder need to push and or pull i.e. single or double acting?

·         Do you require multiple cylinders?

·         Does the cylinder need to be light weight and easily portable?

·         Does a cable or rod need to go through the centre of the cylinder as in tensioning operations?

·         Is the limited clearance in the work area?

·         Does the cylinder need to be “dead ended” at the end of its work stroke?

·         Does the cylinder need to withstand off centre loads?

·         Is the load to be extended for a significant period and require a locking collar?



Hand and Foot Pumps

Select a hand or foot pump with adequate oil output, reservoir capacity and valve option to power the selected cylinder.



Power Risers

We can supply a power risers up to a maximum of 100 Ton




We can supply a range of hydraulic spreaders.


Spreaders Hydraulic PDF




We can provide pullers to meet your need